Season 7 of Game of Thrones is so amazing!! Seeing all these amazing costumes, makeup and special effects has made me really inspired. I decided to pay some tribute to the north’s own wildlings, so…. IMG_2823IMG_2811

….I brought out my inner viking!

The pattern i’ve drawn on my forehead is called Vegvísir (Swedes probably understand the word!) which can be translated to “way-finder”, acting as a sort of compass. Apparently, the vikings used blood to draw this on their foreheads if they ever got lost. The vegvísir then helped them find the way to their destination.

Fun fact: Icelandic singer Björk has a vegvísir sign tattooed on her upper arm!


The vikings were not very recognized as a big part of the scandinavian/nordic heritage until the late 1900’s. In 1809 Sweden lost Finland and our once big realm came to an ending. As a result, the Swedes got a massive identity crisis, who are we now?? In order to find some sort of identity (hopefully one that was kind of badass since we felt pretty embarrased to be a small ass country again) we started to learn about the north’s history. When we the national romantic movement began the vikings really blew up as a topic. The vikings raw and pagan way of living seemed exciting and many “fan-clubs” were formed.


To me it all seems rather silly. Sure, the vikings lived here but most of the time throughout history Sweden has been a quite poor country filled with farmers.  The glamorization of the vikings should stop, the north’s had better things to offer throughout history to be proud of. But with that said, i still have to admit this makeup look made me feel pretty badass!

  • Base
  • Lumene longwear blur foundation – Light ivory
  • LH Cosmetics Infinity palette – Cigar
  • Vegvísir 
  • MAC lip pencil – Brick
  • ABH Modern renaissance – Red ochre, Love letter
  • Kat von D shade and light eyeshadow palette – Shax, Solas
  • Lips
  • Mac lip pencil – Brick
  • Brows
  • ABH dipbrow pomade – Taupe
  • Lumene shaping brow wax – grey brown

How i’m feeling:



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