Guide to glowing, dewy skin

The question i get asked the most makeup wise is how to get natural glowing skin. The highlighter hype has been crazy the past couple of years, but a highlighter can’t fake the glow, at least not on it’s own (and it tends to look a bit misplaced if the rest of your makeup is matte and quite heavy). Glowing skin requires prepping and a “less is more” attitude. There are many ways to do your base-makeup and you just have to find what you prefer, but if you feel like a dewy, natural skin might work on you here is my guide!

All of the photos are un-edited and shot in natural daylight


My face with no makeup for reference


In order for your makeup to look good you need to prep your skin. Dry patches and gloominess are going to ruin this look. Make sure you exfoliate your skin either with different acids (Glycolic acid, Salisylic acid, retinol etc) or a scrub. And moisturize, for christ’s sake give your skin some love and use a serum, nice oils or just a simple day cream. No matter your budget you should be able to find something to give your skin moisture (oily skin needs moisture to, believe it or not)

When the prepping is done your can use a primer (optional) this helps your makeup to stay on longer but can also smooth out uneven skin. The greatest primer ever made is from Lumene, their moisturizing & illuminating primer hold your skin in place and gives an instant healthy dewy glow.



For best result, avoid a foundation with high coverage. A nice foundation should even out your skin tone, then spots and stubborn redness will be concealed with a concealer. For glowing skin, here’s my best tip: Use a liquid/cream highlighter and mix with your foundation. On this photo i’ve used the light coverage Glow foundation from Lumene. As your can see it lets my skin’s texture show but does even out my skin nicely. This makes the look so much more natural and healthy




Now concealer. Use a small amount underneath your eyes, no need for that triangle shape beauty gurus claim to work, you’ll just waste product! Take a small brush/or finger and spot conceal your bumps and spots. If your smear concealer over larger areas you’ll easily end up looking cake, and that is a no no for this look. Less is more. We are taught that skin is supposed to be flawless, but that is simply not the truth. We all have texture in our skin, and that is beautiful! Skin is skin, and we all have pores, spots and peach fuzz, embrace it!! The makeup used in photoshoots or on TV is really high coverage so it cn withstand the bright flashes from cameras and i can assure you that it looks crazy in natural daylight. And even if the model were to have spots it’s easily photoshopped



In order to keep the glow you don’t need to much powder. It’s rarely necessary to apply a thick layer all over your face on a daily basis. Because like i said, heavy coverage and baking is useful when infront of a camera, but not in natural daylight. Powder the t-zone and a bit under your eyes so the concealer stays in place. My favorite powder is from MAC and is called Next to nothing. If your get shiny throughout the day use a blotting paper/tissue and lightly press to soak up the exess oil.

In the photo above i’ve also applied a peachy blush and soft contour


Highlighter and mist

Duh… I like to use a liquid/cream highlighter for the most natural result, but you can apply that and use a powder highlighter on top for that extra shine.

And then last but not least, help you makeup melt together and get rid off possible powderss by using a mist. There are a thousand different ones out there so i’m sure you’ll find one to fit your skin and wallet. Since i discovered the sweet magic of mists my whole makeup game has gone up. It’s awesome, get one

IMG_2733 (1)

DONE! Now you are a glowing godess

My fave products to achieve this look:

IMG_2912Lumene glow foundation / Lumene moisturizing & illuminating primer

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