Lana Del Rey


Tonight i’m going to see Lana Del Rey so i decided to do a classic “Lana-look”. A defined 60’s crease, strong liner, luscious locks and of the classical flower crown.

Here are my top 10 Lana songs.

Summer Bummer (feat A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti) / This song is just so cool, the mix of genres are crazy and truly Lana

National Anthem / I listened to this on repeat when i had just met my boyfriend. I remember being so in love that my knees where actually shaking and i felt dizzy all the time. This song was perfect)

High by the beach / My ultimate “no fuck’s given” song

Music to watch boys to / This music video is pure gold, just like the song. It’s so playful and really captures the glamorized California spirit i feel Lana often has in her songs. I mean her naming the track “Music to watch boys to”, yaaas bitch!

Video Games / A true classic, i mean your can’t not love it. Nuff said’

Brooklyn Baby / I listen to this when i want to feel like a cool 70’s babe. The simple guitar paired with her voice was quite unusual to hear at first but i dig it. Always on my summer playlists

Art Deco / Apparently she wrote this song for Azalea Banks.“Club queen on the downtown scene, prowling around at night. You’re not mean, you just want to be seen, want to be wild”. Followed by the refrain “You’re so Art Deco, out on the floor, shining like gun metal, cold and unsure. Baby, you’re so ghetto, you’re looking to score. When they all say hello you try to ignore them ’cause you want more”. I really like this part of Lana, not afraid to mix her sultry slow tunes with a nice trap beat.

Love / Brb crying. Seriously though, in a recent interview she explained that her latest album was for her fans. And this song is so beautiful, embracing the simple things in life. I think a lot of us 90’s kids can relate to this song, the big world, social media and pressure can tear us down, but it’s okay if you’re in love. It’s okay to feel like you’re not enough

You get ready you get all dressed up to go nowhere in particular. Back to work or the coffeeshop, doesn’t matter because it’s enough to be young and in love”

Lust for life (feat The Weekend) / Yeah i know, som people feel this is just another pop song but i can’t help but love it. Though in my opinion The Weeknd is truly the star on this track with his amazing voice. When he sings take of your all your clothes in that sexy voice i’m like MY BODY IS READY

Tomorrow never came (feat Sean Ono Lennon) / Brb crying (again). The 60’s tunes, Sean’s voice and all the references to famous 60’s songs/expressions, everything about this track is just so sentimental and sweet. 

“I could keep waitin’ for you, in the spot we always wait. In the city, on the park bench, in the summer, in the pourin’ rain. Honey, don’t ignore me i just wanted it to be the same. You said you’d love me like no tomorrowI guess tomorrow never came”

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