Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette


Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line is one of the most luxurious looking i know. When i was in London this spring i bought a bunch of stuff (still want more though) and among them was these two Luxury color-coded eyeshadow palettes. They contain four different colors each with a different purpose. We’ve got prime, enhance, smoke and pop which makes them easy to use even for beginners. Charlotte also offers many great tutorials on her youtube channel

IMG_3308The Vintage Vamp &  The Rebel

I bought two palettes. One called The Vintage Vamp, a palette filled with gorgeous burgundy themed shades and a golden pressed glitter. Perfect for a sultry smokey eye.  And the other called The Rebel, an emerald themed palette that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is on the eyes.  Perhaps not the best for beginners/people that rarely wear makeup but for us makeup lovers i definitely recommend it. You are going to love this lil bitch

IMG_3350The Rebel Prime, enhance, smoke, pop

I love the fact that this one has got a beautiful teal-ish blue as it’s smoke shade. This makes the palette a bit more diverse to use. The pop shade, a beautiful emerald green pressed glitter is lovely on it’s own but does need something to hold on to, like all glitters. When used on top of the other shadows it leaves a nice veil of shimmer, but does not go on in it’s full glory


The Vintage Vamp Prime, enhance, smoke, pop

This one is especially made for green eyes and the lovely girl at the Charlotte Tilbury flagship store helped me pick it out. I always get compliments whenever i wear this and my eyes definitely appear greener. The enhance shade is a not as pigmented as i would like it to be, but it’s still buildable so i’m fine with it. Also, the pop shade is actually really hard to work with. I apply it with my fingers but i find it hard to get it out of the pan. Like i said, these are more like pressed glitters and that can be quite difficult. Since these are quite expensive the quality of the enhance and pop shadows felt like a bummer, but it’s a lovely palette nevertheless

Sadly Charlotte Tilbury does not shop world wide, but the next time i go to London i’ll definitely visit her store again and buy another palette. Would you guys like to see some other products from Charlotte, or do you perhaps own something from her yourself?


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  1. Saffron says:

    Jag var i butiken i covent garden när jag va i london sist, men då hade de nåt event så det var KNÖKFULLT och jag orkade inte handla. Är så nyfiken på märket och har varit det länge men kan inte bestämma mig för vad jag vill ha! Det finns ju på cult beauty nu så det är lite lättare att handla.


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