Favorite pinks

Karl Lagerfeld once said “think pink, but don’t wear it”. I can somewhat agree with that since i don’t think pink is a very flattering color, but i still can’t live my life without it!!


Pink is one of those colors that i’m quite torn between, on one hand it’s a beautiful and fun color that i love having around me, but on the other hand i just don’t feel very comfortable wearing it. It took me quite a while to incorporate it into my makeup routine, because like with most colors you simply have to find the undertones that suits you. If you are interested in wearing pink i’d say start with a fuchsia shade lipstick, it works on pretty much everyone. Or do the classic; a bright pink on the apple’s of the cheeks. If you want to wear a bold blush it’s way more wearable if you pair it with strong brows and a matching lip. It simply ties the look together.

In this blogpost i will swatch/list eight of my favorite pinks


  1. Isadora face sculptor strobing – Rose gold
  2. Makeup Geek eyeshadow – Anarchy
  3. Kicks baked blusher – Fashionista
  4. ABH eyeshadow – Love letter
  5. Too faced eyeshadow – Just peachy
  6. LH cosmetics Infinity palette – Pinwheel
  7. Viseart editorial brights
  8. Kat von D alchemist palette – Pink opal

IMG_3650Rose gold, Anarchy, Fashionista, Love letter

IMG_3654Just peachy, Pinwheel, Editorial brights, Pink opal


Squad goals


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