Inside of my bathroom cabinet

It’s no secret i love skincare. From the day i got my period my skin started to break out and i struggled my entire teenage years with finding something that works. About two years ago when my makeup obsession started i got interested in K-beauty and once i gave it a shot i was hooked. It truly saved my skin!

My skin type: My skin is sensitive and tend to get red and irritated if i’m sweaty or use scented skincare. It’s also quite dry and during the winter months i get flaky if i don’t bathe myself in oil. Aaaaand i get hormonal breakouts, bad ones. I have learned to cope with those fuckers now, but during my teenage years i constantly had large bumps and blackheads/whiteheads all over my chin area. I still have some scarring left but it’s starting to go away with the help of vitamin c and different acids (i love dat shit).

Note: Since i’ve got so much stuff i’d rather give the different items a blogpost on their own. So have patience if you think this post lack proper info about the products.

With all this said, here is my skincare!


Clarins take the day off
Garnier micellar water
Nuxe reve de miel cleansing gel

I’ve got two steps in my cleansing routine; first an oil based cleanser to remove my makeup/spf, followed up with a gel cleanser to get that last dirt off. On days when i haven’t used any makeup i simply massage my oil cleanser in, remove it with cotton pads soaked in warm water and then finish off with micellar water. Micellar water i great for a quick cleanse or to get the last bits of mascara/brow wax off. Not using a foaming cleanser keeps your skin more moist since it does not strip the skin of oils.

Pixi glow tonic
Misha time revolution first treatment essence
Cosrx Blackhead power liquid

When my face is clean and fresh it’s time to polish the skin! I always start with my favorite Pixie glow tonic, distributing it evenly over my face with the help of a cotton pad. If i feel like really melting my face off i continue with my COSRX blackhead power liquid    applying it with my hands (like an essence) and then let sit for 20 minutes (or longer).

Often i only use the BHA acid like 2-3 times a week, but if i’ve got breakouts or pms i just smack in on every day, it helps tremendously with hormonal breakouts. BHA actually enters your pores and dissolves fat/grimes or dirt. It therefor works wonders to prevent blackheads, BUT, be cautious, since it also dissolves your own sebum and that can leave you dry. In wintertime i never use it on my cheeks unless i want to start peeling skin off. I also own an essence that i pat into the skin before my ampoule. It preps my skin for the upcoming products and provides moisture without leaving a residue on the skin.

Missha Night repair borabit ampoule
Mizon Snail repair intensive ampoule
Scinic Honey all in one ampoule

Nerd warning alert. If you’re not a skincare freak like me, then just skip this step. An ampoule is basically a concentrated serum used to bomb your skin with that extra goodness. I have three that i alter between, kind of excessive but i’m still trying to find the perfect one so imma keep on searching. I only use the Mizon snail repair ampoule during day time, it’s simple and soothing, nothing out of the ordinary. In the nighttime i either use my favorite Night repair borabit ampoule as a treatment, and if i’m just looking for moisture/feel lazy, my Scinic all in one honey ampoule is great.

Purito vitamin C serum
Nip + Fab Dragon’s blood hyalyronic shot

I’m surprised i don’t have any more serums haha, but i suppose you can count my oils as serums to (?). Either way, my favorite is by far the Purito vitamin C serum. Vitamin c is amazing for your skin and if you want to try out more skincare products then i think your should start with buying a Vitamin C serum ASAP! I’ve also got my hyaluronic shot serum that i’ve forgotten to use actually… To be honest i don’t use hyaluronic acid that much. Oils are my thang since they really penetrate the skin.

REN omega 3
REN rose
Clarins santal oil

My favorite part of my skincare routine. I use oils as a final step before the night cream comes in and seals all the good stuff into my skin. The three above are different from each other and i tend to use the Omega 3 one from REN during daytime only since it’s very light. The Clarins sandal oil is one of my favorite skincare products, 2-3 drops per night is the perfect recipe for glowing, even skin. The rose moisture defense oil i actually only use during wintertime. Partly because it’s hella expensive, and partly because it’s so rich in moisture. I honestly can’t use it in spring/summertime, it’s too much.

Estelle o Thild Biocalm extra nourishing night cream
Lumene Ultra sensitive moisturizing & calming day cream

The last step in my skincare routine. As you can see it work with calming, nourishing products. The day cream from Lumene is actually on my cult products list, review here,and the night cream is a new found love of mine. I absolutely hate creams that come in jars, it lets oxygen touch the products with makes it loose all the goodness after a while. Serum/creams etc should be stored inside a bottle with a colored package so no light slips in. I’m just sayin’…

Lush mask magnaminty
Lush cup o coffee
Kicks glow mask
Kicks drink up moisture mask
The body shop ethiopian honereview here

I’ve got some different masks i alter between but i’m also curious about trying something new. Do you have a suggestion?

IMG_4262Eye cream
Soap & Glory puffy eye attack hydragel
Missha Time revolution nutritious eye cream

My day time eye cream and my night time eye cream. The puffy eye attack actually works nicely to de-puff my eyes and its gel like texture leaves no residue on the eyelids, perfect for when i want to throw makeup on right away. The nutritious eye cream on the other hand is a thick and nourishing eye cream. BUT, to be honest i don’t see the point with an eye cream in the evening. De-puffing my eyes in the morning, sure thang, but honestly i can’t feel the difference when i use an eye cream in the evening vs when i don’t. Any thought on this?


Okay people that’s it! A peek inside of my bathroom cabinet. Do you own any of these products, what are your skin care essentials, do you have a  product you think i should try out? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Flawless Avenue says:

    The Garnier micellar water is staple in my skincare routine, amazing product. Nice post btw 🙂


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