My favourite eyeshadows

You know what you came for so let’s get going!

IMG_5326Left to right: Chopper, Solstice, Flash, Mezmerised

Urban Decay – Chopper
The prettiest motherfuckin rusty shade you will ever find! I don’t ever want to be without it. Really sparkly and glittery but who cares, it’s supposed to stand out!
Urban Decay – solstice
It’s like a northern light, but in an eyeshadow. Need i say more? I mean look at dat duo chrome shift…. Drool
Urban Decay – Flash
The perfect purple. It’s not shimmering but rather has a soft sheen that’s really beautiful!
Makeup Geek single eyeshadow – Mesmerized
The perfect buttery formula. 100% opaque if dabbed on with a finger but can also leave a beautiful almost duo chrome shimmer if swept across the lid with a soft brush.

IMG_5333Left to right: Galaxy, Specter, vega, graphite

UD moondust palette – Galaxy
I really understand the name of this one, i mean look at it! This one works best on top of a black liner, or to top off a smokey eye.
UD moondust palette – Specter
A pale pink with gold sheen. The creamiest one in the Moondust palette, actually works good on it’s own and i have not experienced fall down.
UD Moondust palette -Vega
The truest crazy opaque blue. It’s pure glitter and it’s amazing. Why have i not done more blogposts with this?
UD moondust palette – Graphite
Silver shadow goodness. It shimmers like a disco ball and brings by thoughts to a 70’s disco.

IMG_5344Left to right: Creme brulée, Bedrock, Barcelona beach, Tease

Makeup Geek – Creme brulée
A soft beige shade that works with pretty much any colour. I especially like to use this with cooler shades since the contrast makes the colours pop!
Makeup geek – Bedrock
This is grey, like true steel grey. I’ve had such a problem finding a 100% grey shadow but here it is!! I love using this in my crease when doing a cool toned smokey eye
Makeup Geek – Barcelona beach
Like a mixture between the two above? A neutral toned shadow that i think everyone should have in their makeup kit. You have to build the colour to truly get pay-off but it’s very easy to work with.
Urban Decay – Tease
Another cool toned shade, but more on the mauve side. It’s very unique and i don’t own anything like it. This is also a shade where you have to build the colour.

IMG_5354Left to rightZwicky, Cigar, Shax, Succubus

LH cosmetics Infinity palette – Zwicky
I feel like this shade is such an “it” shade since everyone seems to be raving about warm eyeshadow. Yes i know this is not labeled as an eyeshadow, but you get the idea.
LH cosmetics Infinity palette – Cigar
This is my go-to crease defining shade. A soft neutral that blends in effortlessly and gives a natural definition to the crease. It’s perfect!! Also great for filling in eyebrows.
Kat von D shade and light eyeshadow – Shax
The most true matte black there is. Perfect for eyeliner and dramatic smokey eyes. I love this, most black mattes aren’t pigmented enough but Kat von D truly did a great job!
Kat von D shade and light eyeshadow – Succubus
A simple rusty shade, perfect for deepening a warm toned eye makeup. It’s very pigmented and has such a lovely formula that’s easy to blend.


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  1. Emma P says:

    Sånt här älskar jag att läsa om, jättebra inlägg! Jag är dessutom extra glad att jag redan har 10 av dina favoriter, shoppa i egna samlingen är billigt och bra 🙂


    1. Nej va kul! Då har vi samma bra smak, höhö


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