My top three red lipsticks

Everyone should own a red lipstick. Even if you an ultra minimalist that only wears concealer and mascara a red lip is going to make rainy days brighter and any evening look better. They are a quick and effortless way to add a chic twist to your style. Everyone looks good with a red lip, you just need to find your undertone and preffered way of using it; full on lip, glossy, matte or like a stain. The choice is yours.

Here are my top three red lipsticks!

IMG_5790 (1)Charlotte Tilbury Lip cheat lip liner – Savage rose
Charlotte Tilbury truly has the greast lip pencils out there. And this color is just a godsend. It’s got a deep red color that i honestly think would suit anyone regardless of skin tone. Does apply very matte so if you are uncomfortable with that you can apply it thinly underneath a creamy gloss.

IMG_5762 (1)IDUN minerals lipstick – Jordgubb
This is probably the greatest lipstick formula i have ever tried. It’s matte with a sheen?? It glides smoothly on to the lip without being slippery yet stays on as if it was matte. As for the color i’d say it’s almost a coral. The red is very orange in color but suits me with both pale winter skin and more bronzed freckled summer skin.

IMG_5743 (1)Kat von D studded lipstick – Hexagram
The queen of pigment is definitely Kat Von D. Her studded lipsticks have insane cover and with just one layer you get a creamy lip that stays for days. In the photo above i only have one layer, but for best result blot it with a tissue and re-apply. It actually looks best when it’s dried a little to a matte formula. So this is my go-to lipstick when i’m going out or know i won’t be able to do touch ups often.

04A4195F-EE02-4AFA-A492-E6828F01E661Charlotte Tilbury – Savage Rose
IDUN minerals – Jordgubb
Kat von D studded lipstick – Hexagram

If you feel like there is no difference between the three lipsticks i’ve stacked them above each other in one photo. Now do you see the difference in formula and undertone? Okay, unless you are a makeup geek this might not seem important BUT RED LIPPIES ARE LIFE AND SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!


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