A lovely budget highlighter!


IMG_5886I present to you my new best friend, H&M All over highlighter in rose pearl! This could actually count as a good Fenty Beauty shimmer skinstick dupe! The only negative thing i can find about this product is that it’s a tad bit hard to work with. I’d definitely recommend that you do not apply it straight from the bullet (it’s too large anyway, haha) but instead warm it up with your fingers before applying on to skin.

IMG_5903IMG_5900Look at that lovely sheen! In order to measure the quality of a highlighter i often look at how sparkling it is. A highlighter with loads of sparkle often end up applying un-even and leaves a not so natural appearance. I like dewy skin, and a highlighter for me should simply be glowing, not sparkling. Most highlighter contains shimmer, but as long as the shimmer is subtle and not fucking sparkling/glitter i’m fine with it. IMG_4477A crappy photo but look at that wet look! I applied it on naked skin on my cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose, chin and inner corners of my eye. It’s hard to get good photos in this dull lightning, i rely on natural light and autumn has come so the highlighter’s don’t pop like usual.


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  1. Saffron says:

    Får panne såhär års på att det är så svårt att ta bra bilder! Måste jag köpa sånadär otäcka studiolampor? 😦 Den här såg hur som helst väldigt lovande ut! Gillar krämprodukter, särskilt highlights!!


    1. Mmm jag vet!! Behöver skaffa nån form av lampa har jag insett, avskyr dåligt ljus…. Ville förresten köpa glossier haloscope men din recension gjorde att jag ba hmmm nope


      1. Saffron says:

        Mm asså den är inte DÅLIG men tycker inte den är värd besväret. Finns så mkt bättre highlighters! Ciate dewy stix är lite lik tror jag.


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