Kicks Deep cleansing oil


Such skincare, much pretty, very oil

This is going to be a short review of the Pure & Simple deep cleansing oil from the swedish beauty store/brand Kicks. I love cleansing oils, they are the only way to truly remove any caked face or stubborn eyeliner. I’ve tried a few and so far the best ones has not been within the budget category, but this one is only 139 sek so i looked forward to trying this out. Finding a new budget favorite is always nice.

Did it work?
Yes, i felt like it did the job! I had to use three pumps for my entire face and if you wear heavy makeup i’d recommend four. I followed the instructions and simply rinsed it off with water. After patting my face dry i took a cotton pad with micellar water to see if there was any gunk left on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cotton pad was spotless! The cleansing oil left my skin a little dry, so i’d recommend this to someone with normal to oily skin. Us dry bithes need to stay away. Also it has a strong scent of synthetic cucumber. I suppose it’s supposed to smell ”fresh” but it’s not my cup of tea.

Requires 3- 4 pumps, not 1-2 as claimed
Dries out skin
Heavily perfumed
Not suitable for dry or sensitive skin

Does the job
Smells fresh
Works on oily/normal skin

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