Q&A Answers

I received some really interesting questions, let’s get to it!

Q: Do you believe in God?
A: Yes i do

Q: I have some questions regarding faith. What kind of faith do you have? How do you combine it with your values and lifestyle etc? Are you a practicing christian? I personally struggle with my faith and how to combine it with my values about sexuality etc. It would be interesting to get your perspective.
A: I’m a christian. I’d like to say ”simple as that” and continue on to the next question but I know with religion that it is much more complex. I believe in God and I believe in Jesus, I’ve read the new testament and I think jesus did wonderful things and acted in a way that inspire me. My faith has helped me forgive myself, forgive others and find a lust for life. But, at times it has also confused me. The bible does say a lot of bullcrap, and hey, maybe it’s true, but I have no interest in judging anyone and I know God does not judge either. We are all sinners, God does not expect us to be perfect. The way that religion is often adopted by leaders (men) to rule societies has created awful ideas and hurt so many people. Maybe I’m not entitled to call myself a christian since I don’t believe/accept everything that is in the bible. But I don’t know what else to call myself. Jesus for me is LOVE, and he would never walk around and kicks people in the nuts for doing drugs, being gay or getting abortions. What he said was basically “mind your own fucking business and be a nice person” and people sometimes forget that.
I still question my faith sometimes, but the thing is that it’s there. And as long as it makes me love I will go with it.


Q: What was it like for you to suddenly let a man into your life when you’d previously only been with women?
A: Fucked up. I had identified as a lesbian for so long that the mere though of calling myself bisexual or being perceived as heterosexual felt wrong. But i loved the guy, and now that i’m single again i still feel like i can appreciate men. But living/being in a relationship with a man is so different from being with a woman. In a lesbian relationship you are already outside of society’s norms, it’s scary but there is a huge freedom in that. You get to choose what your relationship is going to be without gender roles influencing you. Because honestly, in a straight relationship the heteronormative way of living creeps up on you. If that’s your thing, then sure. But i felt like i was trying to be someone i am not, and it’s going to be a struggle to find a balance if i ever get together with a man again.


Q: Are you a makeup artist?
A: Nope! This is just a hobby. I have considered getting a proper education and diploma but they are CRAZY expensive so naaaah…

Q: I want to add more steps to my skincare routine. What would be a good ”starterpack”? i have oily skin
A: Hyaluronic acid!!! I don’t know your current routine. But i’d suggest
double cleansing using an oil based cleanser and a foaming/gel one.
Add a serum with hyaluronic acid, if you have oily skin it often feels weird to add an oil serum, so hyaluronic acid might be a good start. Also i’d highly recommend you add acids to your skincare routine. Exfoliating is super important, choose between AHA and BHA to start with. There are loads of great toners (like the cult product Pixi glow tonic) that have AHA/BHA in them.

Q: How many tattoos do you have?
A: Not sure how to count them… But around 15 i think?

Who are your fave beauty bloggers?
Killer colors, Theskinwitch, pretty scientific, saffron-saugar, Little miss consumer, Full on monet… On Instagram i love Stella.s makeup, Midnight_weirdo and Textbookbeauty.

Q: What are your thoughts on natural skincare? I know the products/brands you use doesn’t tend to be natural, but i just want to hear your opinion.
A: I think it’s great people are aware and care about what they put on their skin, that’s great! But sometimes it’s this stupid scare toward ”chemicals”. Bitch, everything is chemicals. If you don’t want to do some reading and learn the basics of beauty ingredients then just use 100% raw natural oils to cleanse/moisturize, whatever floats your boat.

I’m on a student budget but i love skincare. What should i do?
Explore the swedish pharmacy. Kronan apotek have great budget find in their skincare range. Also the brand ACO, Eucerin and Avéne are great budget brands.


Would you concider doing youtube? Tutorials, reviews etc?
I would, but i want to get good lighting, a back drop, better camera and microphone first haha. So we’ll see, maybe in the future when I get my own apartment and can go batshit.

What do you love the most. Makeup or skincare
Omg…. You are killing me. I think I’ll have to say skincare…( I feel like a traitor) simply because it’s so good to take care of myself and when my skin is nice I can skip makeup and feel like a glow godess.


When did you start doing makeup?
I started to really experiment and learn about it when is was 18. Before that I had used concealer, mascara, brow gel and a lipstick pretty much everyday. Didn’t feel the need for anything else. But when I found Lisa Eldridges youtube channel I was hooked! So the beauty nerd that I am now is only 2 years old, haha!

You always have very light coverage on your foundations. I like your glowing skin but I feel like my makeup wouldn’t last. How do you make it last?
That’s a good question and it actually took a while for me to figure that out myself. The answer is exfoliated smooth skin and a good primer. I use the moisturising primer from Lumene, it’s very ”silicony” so it’s perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but it gives a nice glow and truly makes the foundation last. Sometimes the foundation rubs off my nose but then I use an eyeshadow primer on the nose, haha! Work really good

Would you consider posting more of your art?

Thank you everyone for your questions! XOXO

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