New skincare from Kicks!

*This blogpost contains press samples 

IMG_7305The Swedish beauty store Kicks continues to expand their own line of products and this is some of their recent goodies! They are part of  a series called Pure & Simple, offering products for all skin types and ideal for beginners. I decided to try these cleansers for a week to see the result!

IMG_7324Gentle cleansing mousse
I often avoid mousse cleansing products. I simply find them too drying but i know some people love them. It has a very rich mousse feeling to it and it feels so soft on the skin. I won’t continue using this though. But my mom loves it!

IMG_7328IMG_7250Gentle cleansing milk
A cleansing milk is a great alternative if you suffer from dry skin. Since it does not contain SLS or any other ingredients used to create a ”froth” it’s more gentle on the skin. This one is not enough on it’s own though. I use this as step two in my skincare, after the cleansing balm. With the silicone brush this is a great way to massage away the last traces of dirt on my face.

IMG_7332IMG_7264Melting cleansing butter
I love balms, they are so luxorious and kind to my skin. This balm contains shea butter which moisturize the skin. The main ingredient that dissolves your makeup and creates a balmy texture is Ethylhexyl Palmitate, an organic derivative from palm oil. Often used as a substitute to silicone in cosmetic products. It melts really quickly and has (just like all the products) a very prominent scent.

IMG_7247Silicone cleansing brush
THIS IS LIFE! I haven’t tried the luna foreo cleansing vibrating sex toy looking thingy. I am NOT paying that kind of money. But this little friend is amazing!

Overall impression: 
The thing is that this is not skincare i would normally buy. I like to avoid perfume and SLS (an ingredient that creates foam, but can also act drying) for example. But i do love the cleansing milk and silicone brush! The rest of the products actually gave me some red spots due to the amount of perfume, and the foaming cleanser left my face dry and a bit itchy (my mom likes it though!)

Should you buy this?
If you have normal/combination skin and are looking for budget skincare, then get this! If you are sensitive to perfume then this is a no no. For the average consumer that does not spend their evening patting in essences, ampoules and serums this is a great budget line. A two step cleansing routine will make a huge difference on your skin and i’m happy a brand offers basic products for beginners. Finally stepping away from the cleanse, tone, moisturize three step routine.


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  1. EliseKeely says:

    Im for sure getting the silicone cleaning brush 😀 great post, thanks for the help ❤ x


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