No7 Exceptional definition mascara

*This blogpost contains press samples*

IMG_7420IMG_7427A quick mini review of the Exceptional definition mascara. (Spoiler, i hate it)

Why i don’t like it:
The brush does not pick up any product at all and the amount of ”pumping” it requires to actually get a good result makes the mascara dry out really fast. Also, to coat the upper lashes on ONE eye you need to dig into the tube two times. That’s ridiculus! On most mascaras i’ve tried one dip is enough for the top lashes on each eye and often the lower ones too.
I think the brush is the theif here. The formula and colour is really nice, no smudging or clumping at all, but the brush simply can’t hold a lot of product at once. Which is good if you want a no makeup look but pretty useless if you want some va va voom lashes.

Volume: Nada 1/5
Length: requires some work 2/5
Colour: Dense black 4/5
Separation: Separates beautifully without clumps 5/5

I have started to appreciate No7 products alot but this mascara is a no no. Change the brush and then holla at me again!

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