Current skincare favorites

IMG_7458Winter has come and today i’m going to show you how i’ve managed to adapt my sensitive skin to the harsh weather. Enjoy!

IMG_7468Cleansing: Kick’s Pure & Simple melting cleansing butter and Gentle cleansing milk.

Morning. I massage the cleansing milk on to dry skin and rinse it off with lukewarm water.
Night. I massage cleansing butter on to my skin and then remove makeup with a wet cotton pad. I then massage the cleansing milk on my damp skin and massage the last traces of dirt away.

IMG_7476Exfoliation: Nip + Fab Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads.

I initially thought these pads would not work since they are quite perfumed, but so far i’ve had great results! I rub them on to my skin in the evening (i don’t want to use glycol acid during daytime since it make your skin sensitive to the sun) and wait about 10 minutes before i continue with the rest of my routine.

IMG_7491Serum: Purito pure and simple vitamin C serum and Scinic honey all in one ampoule 

Morning: The Vitamin C serum is applied after cleansing my face and left there for about 10 minutes. I want my active ingredients to work close to my skin. The honey ampoule is then applied in a thin layer before my oil.
Night. I often use AHA or BHA acids in the night time so i skip the vitamin C serum or my skin gets irritated. But the honey ampule is applied in at least two layers. The gooey consistency does sink in to my skin fast, so i prefer to put a sheet mask on top for some serious hydration!

IMG_7497Oil: Clarins Santal face treatment oil 

2-3 drops are massaged on to my skin and leave an immediate glow. This is a very rich oil, but it works on my thirsty skin

IMG_7499Night mask: Kick’s beauty Drink up instant moisture mask 

I have stopped using night cream and instead use sleeping masks. I apply a thick layer of this on top of my night routine products to lock in the moisture. When i wake up my skin does feel very greasy but it also has a gorgeous dewy glow once i’ve cleansed my face. This mask is only 50 sek and a great budget product! 


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