Emma S Treatment enzyme peel

I have some holy grail products, and this little nugget is one of them. It’s perfect for frying away dead skin and polishing the face to perfection. Emma Sjöberg is a former Swedish supermodel that released her own skincare brand. The packaging is simple, the ingredients are effective and the results are a m a z i n g.

IMG_6928Important ingredients:

Glycol Acid: A peeling AHA that dissolves dead skin cells and contributes to an even complexion
Salicylic acid and Willow bark: Salicylic acid (BHA) is a milder exfoliator that goes down in to your pores and dissolves excess sebum.
ABS pap-ango enzyme: Haha i love the name, it’s a mixture of enzymes from papaya and mango that gives a soft peeling effect.

This mask truly packs a punch and my skin is always left red as a fire truck. It says to leave on for one minute but i prefer to let it fry me for about five… Do this at your own risk. Both AHA and BHA can act drying on the skin you need to BOMB that skin with moisture once the mask is removed.

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