IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME FO THE YEAR! Michael Bublee is emerging from his cave, candles are being lit, the spirit is rising! I love christmas, but between munching on lussekatter, chocolate and candied apples there is a huge stress in what on earth we are supposed to give to our loved ones. I’ve put together a list of gifts so that you can rest your pretty brain! You can buy everything online and it should please pretty much anyone. Since i’m Swedish i will be writing the prices in swedish crowns. But i know i have some cute international readers (i love you guys. Especially the one person from india that is always watching. Who are you?) and you’ll simply have to check the price yourself. Use google value or something.
Help me bitch i’m broke (under 100kr) 
Reasonable budget (under 200kr) 
Spoiling (200-500kr)
Eco (eco friendly skincare/makeup) 
For dudes (or people with beard) 


Help me bitch i’m broke 
Everything under 100 kr

1 The Ordinary A great budget brand for both beginners and skincare enthusiasts. I would recommend the Retinol 0.2 in Squalane (48kr) or the Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% (80kr)
2 Kicks Beauty Glow/Moisture mask (49kr) These masks are made to be loved. The Moisture surge mask and the Tingling exfoliating mask are a great way to expand someones skincare routine.
3 H&M nail polish (49kr) They’re cheap, they come in all colors and they stay on your nails. Just buy it.
4 Depend cuticle peeling (69kr) Now that winter is here we need to take extra care of our paws. This cuticle peeling removes any dead skin cells or rough surfaces.
5 H&M Lip liner (69kr) I love H&M’s lip liners, they are comfortable on the lip and very cheap. Here you will find pretty nudes and classy reds.
6 I love… shower gel/body scrub/body butter (69kr) Real friends help friends smell good. The scent range makes it possible for you to find a suitable item for both your grandma or 10 year old cousin.
7 NYX butter gloss (69kr) These are some of the greatest glosses out there and they comes in a huge variety or colors!
8 The Body shop shower gel (70kr) This will save your broke ass. They even have mini versions of the shower gels and often have campaigns were it’s like “buy one get two”. You know the deal, go buy one!
9 Kicks Beauty sheet masks (59kr) Sheet masks have truly become trendy. I promise this gift will be appreciated, and the person will get a good laugh!
10 NYX makeup setting spray dewy (99kr) My friend Frida who is a MUA (IG @Fridakv) SWEARS by this setting spray.


Reasonable budget 
everything under 200 kr

1 Emma.S Moisturizing facial mist (129kr) A perfect product for a dewy makeup look, but also for someone stuck inside an office all day.
2 Kicks Vitamin C wake up serum (199kr) Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that removes pigmentation spots and gives the skin a nice glow.
3 Kicks Beauty Melting cleansing butter (129kr) Know someone that’s curious about skincare, maybe they want to expand their routine? Then get them this, a melting butter that removes makeup and moisturize the skin.
4 Holika Holika Wine therapy sleeping mask (189kr) The ultimate gift for any wine mom. A sleeping mask is great as it does the work while you sleep (duh!)
5 The body shop Japanese matcha tea mask (195kr) A nice mask that claims to help clear the skin from pollution and dirt. It’s kind to the skin and i think it should suit pretty much anyone.
6 Lush Let the good times roll facial cleanser 100g (119kr) I shit you not, this smells like buttered popcorn! Even if someone is skeptical to the products itself, they won’t be able to resist using it…
7 Lush Cup o coffee mask 150g (109kr) The perfect gift for any coffee lover. The caffeine perks up the skin and the coffee ground scrubs away any dull winter skin.
8 L’oreal pure clay bright mask (129kr) It looks funny and it’s an ok mask that will cleanse anyone’s skin. It’s always appreciated to receive pampering products.
9The body shop body mist (125kr) These mists come in so many scents that you will surely find one that suits your friend/brother/grandma/side bitch/etc.
10 Lush cosmetics Twilight shower gel 250gr (159kr) Yes, i know, that is a reeeeally expensive shower gel. But honestly its the greatest scent out there and i cried tears or joy when it came back  this season.

1 Kicks Beauty Confidence eyeshadow palette. This is a knock off of the modern renaissance. The ultimate trend color palette.
2 The Balm Bahama mama bronzer (199kr) Okay honestly, ANY of the blushes or bronzers from The Balm are a great gift. They are high quality and the packaging is SO DAMN CUTE. All retro and shit, will melt the hearts of any grumpy aunt or bitchy pre teen cousin.
3 Isadora Face sculptor (199kr) These round sculpting palettes comes in palettes with three different colors to add dimension. Great for beginners. There are palettes for sculpting, bronzing, highlighting and draping.
4 Sleek Precious metals highlighter palette (169kr) Sleek is the n1 budget brand when it coms to highlighters. These are a mixture of cream and powders that will blind any mortal being.
5 Fenty beauty Universal gloss (175kr) The GREATEST lipgloss out there. If you don’t want to give it a s a gift then but it for yourself.
6 NYX Full throttle eyeshadow palette (109kr) These palettes come with four different shadows. The shades are both trendy red/orange or subtle pink’s or mattes etc.
7 Urban decay moondust eyeshadow single (195kr) I can’t even. The prettiest eyeshadows on the market. Period. I’d recommend the shade solstice.
8 Max Factor Masterpiece color precision eyeshadow (110kr) A metallic cream shadow that gives almost a wet look to the eye.
9 Lush cosmetics Ung igen highlighter (165kr) A super pretty cream highlight with a pearlescent finish.
10 Lumene nordic chic highlighter (139kr) This is not really a highlighter, more like a concealer and highligher fusion? It provides some color that gives light coverage, but it also brightens the skin. A nice gift for any lazy person



If you feel like spoiling someone
200-500 kr

1 Emma S treatment enzyme peel (299kr) I wrote a review on this mask a few days a go. Link  here
2 Pixi glow peel pads (369kr) These pads have 20% glycolic acid in them and are perfect for someone who wants to amp up their skincare game.
3 Lumene Valo glow boost vitamin C Hyaluronic essence (279kr) A beautiful serum that applies lightly on the skin and suits any skin type.
4 Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask (245kr) This mask contains avocado and apricot fennel oil to intensively moisturize skin. Works on any skin type.
5 Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate 30 ml (375kr) This is like a night cream but in an oil (you get me?) I want this for christmas!!!
6 Klairs supple preparation facial toner (299kr) I have actually not tried this myself but everyone raves about it and it does sound promising. I’m sure your niece or younger cousin have seen some beauty guru on IG use it.
7 Clarins Beauty flash balm (350kr) Cult classic, i always give this to my mom (Hi mom, please act surprised!)
8 Benton snail bee high content essence (330kr) Scare someone by introducing them to snail secretion in their skincare (and then watch their joy as their skin gets better).
9 Paulas choice 2% BHA liquid (369kr) Hide your children, hide you wives!! This liquid miracle will remove spots, pigmentation scars, redness and Satan himself!
10 Mizon 8% AHA peeling serum (290kr) Cus everybody needs glycol acid in their lives

1 Anastasia beverly hills dip brow pomade (220kr) 
Perfect for any brow enthusiast (aka everyone under the age of 30).
2 Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick (220kr)
Liquid lipsticks are a huge deal right now. It’s an acquired taste, but this shade range is CRAZY! With 50+ shades to choose form i promise you will find a shade to suit any person. 
3 Kat Von D tattoo liner (220kr)
This is for a person that wants their liner sharp enough to kill a man.
4 Urban decay Beached bronzer bronzed (275kr)
This is not for someone that enjoy subtle natural looks, but a really nice products for someone that is already in to makeup + the packaging is very LA chic. 
5 Lancome Teint miracle foundation (455kr)
A light formula that brightens the skin and covers imperfections. A cult classic foundation. 
6 Lumene invisible illumination nordic light instant illuminizer (299kr)
A beautiful liquid highlighter to brighten up gloomy winter skin.
7 Kat Von D shade and light eyeshadow palette (450kr)
I swear to fucking god e v r y b o d y needs this in their life. It’s the greatest eyeshadow palette ever invented. 
8 NARS blush (325kr)
Not only are these super petty blushes, they also have the dirtiest names on the market! How about “orgasm”, “super-orgasm”, “deep throat”, “Taj mahal” or “bumpy ride”. 
9 NARS Audacious lipstick (340kr)
These lipsticks are actually worth the hefty price. They come in 20 different shades and are all named after great stars from the past. My favorite is the shade Bette (named after Bette Davis).
10 Linda Hallberg cosmetics infinity palette (399kr) 
A palette that suits both beginners and makeup artists. It contains great base colors, mattes, shimmers, cold and warm toned etc. It will be appreciated.


For you tree hugging hoes out there that want to keep things natural

1 Hurraw lip balm (49kr) Yes i actually wrote an entire fucking blogpost about these cus i love them so much
2 Rosenserien Clay mask (275kr) A deep cleansing mask that is kind to the skin
3 Dr Hauscka Rosencreme (299kr) This is a cult classic and suits any skin type
4 Estelle & Thild optimal comfort rescue oil (359kr) A luxurious facial oil made especially to calm and soothe the skin.
5 Weleda skinfood universal creme (85kr) A multi purpose balm filled with natural oils
6 H&M conscious White tea & peppermint hand cream (69kr) I am OBSESSED with the scent of this! + everybody needs a hand cream, you can’t go wrong.
7 Kicks Beauty Certified organic lemongrass sugar scrub (149) Scrub dead winter skin and smell like lemon sherbet
8 Björk & Berries Botanist body wash (189) A body wash might seem boring but it does brighten up early winter mornings.
9 REN Glycoactic skin renewal peel mask (465kr) A mask with glycolic acid that is kind to mother nature.
10 Clarins skin treatment oil (430kr) These awesome facial oils made from pure essential oils smells like heaven and feels like sunlight on the skin.

FOR DUDES (or people with beard) 
Yes i know, this might seem ridiculus but alot of dudes don’t want shit that’s not labeled THUNDER MEGA TESTOSTERONE MAN #nohomo
I frequently get asked this. So here ya go!

1 Kiehls Rare earth pore cleansing mask (170-260kr) I usually recommend this when girls write to me and ask what on earth they are supposed to do with they boyfriends bad skin. Works best on oily skin types but can be used by anyone really.
2 Origins Clear improvement charcoal mask (245kr) Great to cleanse skin of impurities but manly enough (remember, charcoal is very manly as it has to do with fire) to not scare the heterosexual man in him.
3 Avéne anti redness mask (225kr) With constant shaving and rough weather the skin can easily get irritated, this mask will solve that problem and leave smooth kissable cheeks.
4 L:a Bruket Beard protector oil (249kr) A soft beard is a good beard.
5 L’occitaine Cade shaving cream (195kr) A shaving cream in a fancy old school packaging. Perfect for any hipster out there that wants to make shaving more fun.




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  1. Emma P says:

    Många bra tips, tack för det! Jag ska gå tillbaka hit när jag känner mig lost i julklappsdjungeln:)


  2. lissknows says:

    Superbra lista! Kommer säkerligen läsa detta inlägg flera gånger i år


  3. Karin says:

    Hahaha NO HOMO!!!! Så otroligt bra och välarbetad lista, heja dig!


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