A beautiful canvas #1 Mark Rothko

I am an artist, I love painting and drawing and I love makeup. Therefor, I don’t make a difference between a canvas and a bare face, they are the same to me. When I look in fashion magazines i sometimes think of paintings. The colors, textures, lights and shadows brings my mind to a certain artist or era. In my A beautiful canvas posts’s i will show you makeup that inspire me and the art that goes hand in hand with it.

The makeup in today’s photos remind me of Mark Rothko’s artwork, an american artist of Russian Jewish descent whom was part of the abstract expressionist movement in the mid 20’s century. When i feel uninspired i often go back to the basics, chunks of color and texture, like a three year old with crayons. A simple one color only eye can make such a great impression and manage to look both editorial and simple at the same time. Pair with a bright set of lips (or simple skin and a lip balm, if you feel like taking it easy) and i will forever admire you


Mark Rothko: Untitled (1967)


Mark Rothko: Multiform (1948)


N.16 Red, white and brown (1957)


Mark Rothko: Green over blue (1956)


Mark Rothko: Detail of N.3 (1947) 



Mark Rothko: N.9 Dark over light earth (1954)

cb429b7be98aa644a60756655f045050Entrance to Subway, 1938

Mark Rothko: Entrance to subway (1938) 



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