Updated skincare routine



Family photo!

Hello darlings, sorry for not updating a lot lately, i promise i’ll make up for it in 2018! I’ve finished a lot of products and therefor tried out new ones. This is my current skincare routine, perfect for dry and dull winter skin!



Kicks pure and simple melting cleansing butter: This is great for melting away my makeup. Kicks suggests you rinse it off with warm water but i prefer to wipe it off with cotton pads. Blogpost about it here
Lush Ultrabland cleanser: This is an old favorite of mine i recently rediscovered. It’s a super gentle cleanser with oils and bee’s wax that leaves my skin moisturized and happy. It’s quite thick in consistency so i find it hard to remove makeup with it, at least on the eyes. I actually prefer to use this is the morning. When it’s cold and windy outside i try to avoid water since it dries my face, so i massage this onto my skin in the morning and wipe it off with warm, damp cotton pads.
Kicks pure and simple deep cleansing oil: A beautiful cleansing oil that i use as a second cleanser in the evening. It doesn’t strip my face from oils and removes eye makeup like a charm without stinging my eyes. Blogpost about it here



Pixi glow tonic: A cult classic. I’ve tried living without it but it’s just too good not to use. I use this even when my skin get’s sensitive since it’s very mild.
Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid: My bae, i use this before my period when my skin often want to break out. I love BHA acid, BUT since it dissolves the skin’s natural sebum it can dry me out. So whenever i use this i go HEAVY on the moisture.
By wishtrend mandolin acid 5% skin prep water: MY NEW HOLY GRAIL PROUCT!!! Seriously this is one of the greatest products i’ve ever tried. I’m going to post a review of it very soon so stay tuned!!
Purito pure vitamin C serum: Vitamin C is a great way to perk up dull skin without irritating it. The purity serum smells of iron and comes in a pretty ugly package, but one pump always gives my skin some extra glow, + the hyaluronic acid plumps my skin.



Scinic honey all in one ampoule: This gooey jar of goodness is going to last me a lifetime. The high amount of honey in it truly calms and repairs my skin whenever it gets angry (usually after a really good frying session with different acids, hehe) and leaves my skin crazy plumped. The only downside is that it comes in a jar which isn’t very hygienic but idgaf. Everyone should buy this, it’s hella cheap and suits all skin types.
Klairs supple preparation facial toner: Since i ran out of my beloved Missha Time revolution the first treatment essence i decided to try something new. I’ve read a lot of good reviews of this toner and i do think it lives up to the hype! Its calming and provides that extra layer of moisture that my skin loves. I apply it in layers for maximum effect, one layer is a good base for the rest of my skincare but 3 layers create a beautiful canvas to work with (hehe)



Pixi glow mist. Yes, just YES! This is not for oily skin types, but if i sprits this in between my skincare products my skin look INSANELY good. I always get compliments when i use this, especially on top of my makeup. It has argan oil in it so you need to shake it well before use so the water and oil mixes.
Clarins huile santal face treatment oil: This is a very rich oil where a little goes a long way. I take two to three drops and distribute over face and neck. It has a lot of essential oils so i’m pleasantly surprised is calms my skin without irritating it. I haven’t experienced any miracles with this one so i don’t think i’ll repurchase it tho. I have way to many other oils i want to try out.


Day cream/night cream

Lumene ultra sensitive moisturizing and calming day cream (for fuck’s sake Lumene WHAT’S UP WITH THE LONG NAMES??) I have repurchased this day cream about four times now. I wouldn’t call it very moisturizing but it is very calming and removes any redness that may occur.
Avène cold cream. My new bae. It contains mineral oil with acts as a layer on top of the rest of your products. This mean the moisture gets trapped close to your skin and can work their magic without getting disturbed. This is my night cream, and it has given me beautiful results. Buy it!!


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