Lapis / Amethyst Zuii Organic goodies



Zuii organics were sweet and sent me some of their products to try. Their Lip & cheek creme is huge favorite of mine that I always have with me, so I was excited when I received their Vegan floral mascara and Flora diamond sparkle blush. Zuii Organics (such a cute name!) is a brand from Australia that’s been around for about 10 years. Their products are eco friendly, organic and kind to the skin.

I squealed when I opened the packages, these mascaras are so pretty! My mom always talks with nostalgia in her voice about blue mascara in the eighties. And honestly WHY did that go away? Blue mascara looks good on every eye color. This is a deep blue, named after the beautiful rock Lapis Lazuli.

IMG_9729Now this is not something I would wear as a blush. Because well, there’s shitloads of glitter?? But it’s very pretty on the eyes and the sparkles are subtle yet more gritty than simple shimmer. I dig it, but why on earth is it called mango…?


IMG_9757Vegan floral mascara “Lapis” in action. So pretty on it’s own

Do I like it? 
I love the colors, I really do. But that is about it. Amethyst doesn’t really show up on dark lashes, and the formula on both of these mascaras is very thick and clumpy. If you want a kind of rock n roll makeup, such as a smokey eye, these mascaras are perfect! But for nicely separated lashes, no no. With the shade Lapis you have to apply three layers or the color doesn’t really show. I am going to be using these for smokey eyes or when I want to brighten up a gloomy monday.

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