Kicks beauty new base products


Kicks sent me some press-samples from their own beauty line. I’m always 100% honest in my reviews, which is probably why companies stop sending me stuff haha! No one likes a bad review (and no one likes a crappy product so grow the fuck up and keep sending me stuff. I’m broke!!). Let’s check out some of the base products

Kicks Perfecting base fluid foundation 

This is definetly a lighter coverage foundation, but buildable! It seemlessly blends in but I do have to work for a while until it’s 100% even. This makes it easy to spot-conceal though, which I like since I tend to avoid putting foundation in places on my skin that are clear. The foundation has a very light floral scent and contains spf 15 (which is a bullshit number to be honest, you still need sunscreen).

If you’re looking for a light foundation with medium (buildable) coverage, this is the one!

Kicks Lasting long coverage foundation 

This formula is surprisingly thin for a full coverage foundation. A little goes a long way with this one! I wouldn’t call it full coverage though, it cancels some redness but you need a concealer for spots. I know that most people use that anyways but I’m lazy and want my foundation to double as a concealer if applied in layers. This foundation claims eight hour wear which I actually believe, IF you use the primer/setting sprays. Together they make sure you foundation stays the same, but it workd horrible on me. I do not like a matte feeling, my skin doesnt either. Check at the bottom of this post….

But If you are looking for a full coverage foundation that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, this is the one!

IMG_0874Natural tired lil face for referenceIMG_0876Kicks fluid foundation applied with a damp beautyblender. I applied it very sparsely on my nose and forehead, see how natural it looks?


Kicks Primer spray & Setting spray 

Yay, sprays! I love face mists, but I dislike setting sprays. This is because they always, ALWAYS make the skin look slightly cakey. Now some peeps enjoy the look of foundation on their skin, and sure, it can be a seamless base even if you can see that it’s makeup. I just don’t like it as it feels and looks bad on my skin. This is why I don’t really go for “long wear” products, it needs to be matte if it’s going to stay for long, and I don’t like matte.

BUT this is a perfect base duo if you want to make sure you foundation sticks throughout your entire night out. 

IMG_0836IMG_0834See what I mean? Yes, my foundation has not moved for hours but it also looks kinda cakey. A very unflattering close up of my skin. I feel like we’ve come very far in our relationship now, don’t you? (ps I love y’all let’s form a beauty cult)




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